Free calling expansion in *Quebec*

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Free calling expansion in *Quebec*

Postby Funkytown » 01/16/2013

viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5418 wasn't sure to post it there or here viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5460 :?

This is only a suggestion thread, it would be nice if Fongo/Freephone Engineering look into for this year to perhaps expanding the Quebec Free calling listing from our paid unlocked Voip phones.

Here are some areas so far that my family call often and can't cause it tells us we have insufficient funds
This list will be updated Laurentides (Regional),_Quebec Laurentides (saint come) Eastern Townships (mansonville),_Quebec BLAINVILLE,_Quebec BOISBRIAND ... se,_Quebec STE-THERESE (the ones that I list above are not on that Listing) I'm only suggesting that this would be nice if they some how can be added.

If you have ever got the message while dialing from our paid unlock Fongo/Freephoneline Voip phone
"this call is not covered by the tariff plan" in Quebec, this can be a thread so that we can suggest to Fongo/Freephoneline Engineering on perhaps adding them to the free calling lists if they can.

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