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Question - Cogeco TIVO installation settings suggestions

PostPosted: 06/08/2018
by hanke
I currently use Cogeco as my ISP and have for many years. My current Whole Home System is no longer supported and I am required to change over to their TIVO system. My current modem from Cogeco is a Cisco DPC3000 which I have 2 ATA's connected directly to the internet via a router. I connect to the router to the ATA's from an IP that is assigned by the ISP and use remote access via the assigned IP and their respective port access and all has been working with no issues. I split the incoming internet signal to 2 routers,1 for the ATA's and 1 for my local house network via a network hub since Cogeco allows 2 different IP's per account. In summary i am running the modem - network hub - 2 routers (1 for home network, 1 for ATA's).

Since TIVO requires access to the internet for its TV guide Cogeco requires to install a new modem with wireless access for the TIVO guide and also has Ethernet ports for your local directly connected computers.

I have read it is suggested (if you can) to put the modem into bridge mode, but by doing this you disable the wireless feature as well as the Ethernet ports thus not allowing the TIVO guide to gets its data and then installing your own router (basically what I now have). If this is done my concern is that if/when Cogeco were to reset the router it would basically be returned to its normal operation and someone would have to set the Cogeco modem again into bridge mode which would not be practical if one is not knowledgeable at that time to do it. (like my wife). I would like to have the simplest configuration to avoid power outages etc when things are reset so they can power up and be operational without any intervention by anyone.

Cogeco is coming tomorrow to install the new hardware (modem, TIVO) so I am not sure what modem will even be installed but from what I have read it could be the Arris TG2472.

My question is what settings are recommended in order for the ATA (SPA3102) to use the one of the Ethernet ports to enable proper registration and avoid 1 way audio using the new Cogeco TIVO modem installation.

I am hoping another Cogeco TIVO user has encountered this type of setup and perhaps its just a matter of using FPL's voip4 registration server.

Thank you for any suggestions that maybe offered to avoid any FPL service interruption for the house phone service.

Re: Question - Cogeco TIVO installation settings suggestions

PostPosted: 06/09/2018
by Jake
First of all, sorry if this sounds like I am telling you how to suck eggs. From your post you seem to know what you are doing so maybe all I have to offer you have thought of already. If so, sorry :)
Secondly, I don't have Cogeco or TIVO, so this is all just from my experiences with FPL in general.

If the device they are bringing has Ethernet ports on it, then I would suggest that this is going to be a modem/router. I don't see why you can't just plug your ATA straight into that. I know it is a different setup to what you have now, but I would suggest that connecting the ATA straight to the modem/router is more the norm. Unless there is something inside the device they bring that blocks Voip I don't see why it won't work. You mainly just need an internet connection for it.

If both our your ATA's are 3102 then you should have quite a bit of flexibility on how you set things up, but I would set it up like a dumb ATA and ignore the internal router and let Cogeco's router deal with that side of things.

In the past I have had ATAs connected like both modem/router -> ata and modem -> router -> ata. Both worked fine and didn't require any real fiddling to get working.

Personally I think you will be fine with just plugging it in when they come and it should come back up again. I might be tempted to do a factory reset and starts from scratch when you plug it back in again just so you know where you are. You a;ready know about using the voip4 server and I would suggest this is about as far as you need to stray from a straight install.

Sorry I can't be of much help, but I have a feeling you will be fine.

I would be interested to know how it all went though as this may come up again for someone else.

Re: Question - Cogeco TIVO installation settings suggestions

PostPosted: 06/09/2018
by hanke
Thank you for your reply and thoughts. I am hoping whenever they come to do the installation that all will be that simple. I realize I obviously will have to reconfigure my current ATA IP settings to be recognized by the new Cogeco router. I posted the question since there are very few topics about the Cogeco TIVO so I am hoping that because all is as simple as plugging them into the modem/router available ports.

Thanks again...and when and if they come today for the TIVO install I will update the post as to how things went with running the ATA's on the supplied modem.

UPDATE - Got stood up by Cogeco for the system installation, now its not supposedly happening till Friday 15th of will update this post after that date.

Re: Question - Cogeco TIVO installation settings suggestions

PostPosted: 06/16/2018
by hanke
I had my Cogeco Tivo service installed, Friday as scheduled. A new modem/router combination was installed because of Tivo and of course the Tivo hardware (which uses MoCA connectivity in house). All seems to be working with my 2 - ATA's, 1 - FPL line which is an SPA3102 and other is a PAP2T with Google voice via Simonics and Since my previous ATA's were on static internal IP's going through my own router all I had to do was set both to DHCP, connect them to the new supplied router connecting them into the ethernet ports. Both ATA's registered with their respective servers, calls work so far and I dont have any audio problems with calls. So far all is good and we shall see what the future brings. I had left all my past ATA settings and only changed from Static IP to DHCP.

The modem/router received was the Technicolour DPC3848VM to which I can log into but really there are no real settings to adjust and if I would make any adjustments it may cause problems if Cogeco were to reboot/reset the modem router on their end. The router is also 2.4G and 5G wireless which seems to work for my wireless devices. Range wise for wireless I haven't experimented with as of this time but within my needed area, works ok.

So basically it was a pretty easy transition hooking up my ATA's with the Cogeco hardware and having removed my in house routers. I have even hooked up an ethernet hub on one of the ethernet router ports so now i numerous ethernet ports.

I hope this may help any other users that decide to use Cogeco Tivo services.

Re: Question - Cogeco TIVO installation settings suggestions

PostPosted: 06/18/2018
by Jake
That is great to hear. Thank you for taking the time to post, I'm sure it will help someone at some point.