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All circuits are busy

PostPosted: 11/20/2020
by kugan
kugan wrote:Hi
Yes I did
But I had 1 way audio only (No out going calls)

I am unable to receive phone calls to my fongo phone line from landlines and other mobile carriers. I have had family and friends unable to reach me. You can hear the following message when attempting to call all the time :
'um1 all circuits are busy. 1b1 the client is not available please try again later'. However when called from a Fongo phone line, it goes straight to Fongo voicemail. This has been happening since day 1 can you please fix this ASAP?

Re: All circuits are busy

PostPosted: 11/20/2020
by Liptonbrisk
1) What brand and model Hitron modem are you using from Rogers?

Disable SIP ALG in the modem/router combo that Rogers gave you.

For Hitron CGN3ACSMR and CODA-4582 series gateway modem/router combos from Rogers (and possibly other ISPs)
Open your web browser, and login at Default username is cusadmin.
Select the “Basic” tab and disable “SIP ALG.” Click the “save changes” button.

When new firmware updates are pushed to Hitron devices from Rogers, settings may be reset. Check to ensure SIP ALG remains disabled, periodically, or especially when you have problems.

2) What brand and model router are you using?

Make sure whatever Hitron gateway combo your ISP gave you is in bridge mode if (and only if) you are also using your own router: ... ridgemodem.

3) Configure your HT-701 using the PDF guide located at viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18839#p74000
The latest HT-701 firmware at the moment is located at ...
I do not accept responsibility for failed firmware updates.

For primary SIP server, use "" without the quotation marks.

4) Reboot modem-->reboot router (wait for it to be fully up and running first before turning on your ATA)-->reboot ATA in that order

This is always the proper device reboot order. Always reboot the ATA last after everything is back up and running normally.

5) Ensure, after logging in at that

i) SIP Status shows "connected", and
ii) SIP User Agent reflects a device that own and recognize. If you don't recognize the SIP User Agent, chances are you've been hacked.

Note that only one registration per FPL account is allowed at any time. When there are multiple devices/softphones using the same account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previous device will lose registration, and, consequently, incoming calls will not work on it. This is especially important to consider if someone else is using your SIP credentials (username and password) that are found after logging in at or if you're trying to register your FPL account with a smartphone SIP app or with another device. Registration is required for incoming calls. It is not required for outgoing calls. A more significant concern, though, is that multiple registration attempts can lead to temporary IP bans. The more devices being used can make the temporary ban happen more quickly. Note that each time you reboot or restart your ATA or SIP app, it's attempting to register with Freephoneline again. Multiple registration attempts within a short period can result in temporary IP ban. Each time you reboot your ATA it's attempting to register with FPL's proxy server.

6) Retest with an incoming call.

If that doesn't work, submit a ticket:

Re: All circuits are busy

PostPosted: 11/21/2020
by kugan
Thank you four time