Why not just make an announcement?

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Why not just make an announcement?

Postby Snork » 02/06/2013

Seriously folks, clearly there has been an FPL problem for well over a month. Why can't you just tell us what's going on rather than leaving us to guess at workarounds and wonder if normal service will ever return?

Fongo Support wrote:Hello there,

Please be advised that using IP instead of DNS is a bad practice and it should NOT be done. Our recommendation is to change it back to voip.freephoneline.ca. That being said, this is being investigated as we speak and a resolution will be provided, please stay tuned.

Thank you for your understanding,


Bad practice? You're kidding right? The only reasons that using IP addresses instead of DNS names is bad practice are:

1. Because if the address ever changes you have to update your configuration manually.
2. If FPL is using DNS to load balance then it could result in a heavier load on one of their servers.

Frankly, the service has been so unreliable for over a month now that neither of those is of any consequence. FPL obviously has far bigger problems than DNS. And I have a really hard time believing that "this is being investigated as we speak" or we would have had an announcement to tell us what the problem is and how long it is expected to take for it to be fixed.

FONGO_Announcements wrote:Customers who purchase the VoIP Unlock Key purchased by Freephoneline can find community help through the forums. The VoIP Unlock Key is not eligible for Fongo customer support by telephone or email as we cannot advise or troubleshoot third party equipment. The forum is a great place to discuss your configurations and equipment information.

We don't need "community help"... we need Fongo help. The "community" is full of people who probably have the technical skills to fix the problem but are left to their own devices with absolutely no information from Fongo. The forum is NOT a great place to discuss your configurations and equipment information. When someone suggests registering to an IP address instead of a DNS name (which worked for him) he is told that his configuration is unacceptable and his thread is locked.

Please grow some integrity and provide us with an explanation.
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Re: Why not just make an announcement?

Postby yyzALEX » 02/06/2013

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Re: Why not just make an announcement?

Postby hybj » 02/07/2013

Anyone notice that, the proxy has been removed!
voip.freephoneline.ca fixed to .170
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Re: Why not just make an announcement?

Postby FONGO_mike » 02/07/2013

Previous thread was closed for a reason. Please do not re-post for issues. Fongo recommends configurations based on certain network set-ups and possible future changes. We ask for certain configurations to help avoid future issues that may come up with your service (see registration times as an example) Locking this thread.
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