*67 Block Outgoing Caller ID & Other * Codes

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*67 Block Outgoing Caller ID & Other * Codes

Postby harvwallbanger » 02/14/2018

Does the Fongo Home service have any * Codes working like:

*67 Block outgoing caller ID
*69 Call return last number

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Re: *67 Block Outgoing Caller ID & Other * Codes

Postby Jake » 02/14/2018

Most of the standard ones should work ( not from your rotary phone though :) ) but it will be dependent on your ATA.
Have a dig through the manual and that should tell you. You can usually customise them to suit from within the ATA.

I know some definitely work because a common question to answer here is when someone turns DND on by accident and no longer receives calls.
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