one way voice.

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one way voice.

Postby welcomelm » 05/14/2018

voip modem is obi100

cable modem is CGN2/CGN3

50% percent of time, I got one way voice during the call.

I have tried different servers but doesn't make difference. Any ideas? Thanks

SIP Server:

Alternative SIP Server:





Rogers Customers with Hitron CGN2/CGN3 Modem, or other users having issues connecting on port 5060:
SIP Server:
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Re: one way voice.

Postby Liptonbrisk » 05/14/2018

welcomelm wrote:voip modem is obi100

cable modem is CGN2/CGN3

There is no CGN2/CGN3. It's either a Hitron CGN3 or a Hitron CGN2.

Hitron CGN series gateway modem/router combos (from Rogers, Shaw, or another ISP) or any modem/router combo from any ISP with SIP ALG forced on

If you don’t have your own router, and if you can’t get someone from Rogers or your ISP to disable SIP ALG for you in their modem/router combo, your ATA should be registering with The purpose of is to help circumvent faulty SIP ALG features in routers. So, if you’re experiencing one-way audio issues as a result of SIP ALG, this is the SIP server to try. Check to ensure that you can’t disable SIP ALG yourself (alternatively, contact Rogers).

Hitron CGN3ACSMR and CODA-4582 series gateway modem/router combos from Rogers (and possibly other ISPs)
Open your web browser, and login at Default username is cusadmin.
Select the “Basic” tab and disable “SIP ALG.” Click the “save changes” button.

Then click ... #p28508697, and follow the steps, carefully, step by step all the way down to the bottom of the post.
You will not be able to do steps 4ii,6 and 8, but everything else applies.

Also, you can double check your ATA settings against the ones in this PDF guide: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=16196&p=64070#p64070.

You should be using to circumvent SIP ALG.
Proper device boot order is always modem-->router-->ATA. Wait for each device to be fully up and running before turning on or rebooting the next device.

Also ensure that you check your phone (try a different one), telephone cords/cables, etc.
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