Message waiting indicator problem

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Message waiting indicator problem

Postby emailit » 05/31/2018

I signed up a friend with Fongo Home Phone last month. Porting the old number and setup went smoothly. However, the HT-801 keeps signaling (the blue phone icon flashes slowly) that Fongo has a voice message. A message did exist, but it was retrieved and deleted. Now the HT-801 keeps indicating to all the handsets that there is a voice message .... CONSTANTLY. I rebooted the HT-801 but the phone icon eventually starts to blink slowly again. I opened a ticket several weeks ago when this problem first appeared. Support did not know what the problem was. Since then, dialing *98, no longer accesses the voicemail system ... just "dead air" is heard ... no voice comes on. Anyone know what is happening? My friend keeps thinking there is a message to retrieve and is driving her nuts!

Update: Ater about 24 hrs, the blue phone icon on the HT-801 stopped flashing slowly. No more message waiting indication!
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