Questions regarding freephoneline.

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Questions regarding freephoneline.

Postby consistency » 06/10/2018

Is it possible to register without a mobile number?

Is there any issues with calling 1800 numbers? Like tangerine bank, CRA, utility companies, etc...? I've red elsewhere that this is an issue with some Voip providers.

I'm not able to pronounce the number 3 very well. Is it possible to receive a DID without 3's?
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Re: Questions regarding freephoneline.

Postby Jake » 06/10/2018

I'm pretty sure that I didn't use a mobile number when registering for the Fongo phone app. For FreePhoneLIne I think they ask for a number, but I also believe it is possible if you contact support via a support ticket ( ) for help registering if you don't have a phone to use. It's changed a few times over the years, I know for sure I haven't used a mobile for the all the numbers I have with them.

There is no problems calling 1800 number. Short codes like 411 yes, but not free call numbers. 911 is the exception which works. ... be-called-

This is the page of codes they offer
When you register you should get a choice of a few numbers to pick from, or you should be able to keep refreshing until you get one you like. Again, it's been a while since I last registered and things may have changed. The best thing to do is run through the signup and see what you get. It's free to do so you will not lose much apart from a bit of your time.

Hope this helps.
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