Phone not ringing

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Phone not ringing

Postby maathuran » 07/23/2018


i have a linksys papt voip box when i try to config it is not ringing my landline phone, all the corrected ports have been forwarded. However with i use the softphone (freephonelines) one it works also tried a third parties (Zoiper5) and it works. i have isolated the issue to the voip box. for configuration i used the pdf form this forum the the that was updated recently.

also in the settings once someone calls their info displays here where it says line one confi but the phone is not ringing and there is no dial tone once i pickup.

edit: got it fixed ip was temp banned and after an hour it went away
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Re: Phone not ringing

Postby Liptonbrisk » 07/25/2018

I see that you've locked your own thread after finding a solution that works for you.

In addition to being aware of temporary IP bans, please note that when there are multiple devices/softphones using the same Freephoneline account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previous device will lose registration and incoming calls will not work on it. Registration is required for incoming calls but not for outgoing calls.

Concerning temporary IP bans, visit ... ca/22479/8
"As May 2013, our servers will rate limit REGISTER requests to a maximum of 10 requests per 5 minutes. Each authentication round usually consumes 2 requests (digest auth), so it is a fair number given our guidelines. Also, it does not affect INVITES (which are also authenticated)...

This rate limit is applied per IP address as our service is tailored to residential Canadian users (ADSL/Cable)."

The following three timers are important and should be set properly as noted at ... redentials:

i) Registration Interval:3600 seconds (1 hour)

ii) Registration Expiry: 3600 seconds (1 hour)

iii) Failed Registration Re-Try Interval: 120 seconds
Please do not send me emails; I do not work for nor represent Freephoneline or Fongo. Post questions on the forums so that others may learn from responses or assist you. Thank you. If you have an issue with your account or have a billing issue, submit a ticket here: Visit to check FPL/Fongo service status. Freephoneline setup guides can be found at viewforum.php?f=15.
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