Custom Phone Number

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Custom Phone Number

Postby curt » 08/17/2018

Can I request a custom phone number, such as 416-203-XXXX, when I get a new number from Freephoneline?
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Re: Custom Phone Number

Postby lustucru » 08/17/2018

The phone number assigned by Fongo/Freephoneline depends on the area code and central office.

The following link provides the details of NPA and CO:

When you sign up to FPL, you will see a list of a few available phone numbers to choose from. However, I'm not sure about the level of customization.
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Re: Custom Phone Number

Postby bridonca » 08/18/2018

You are not going to get a 416 number from Fongo. I know they had them, but they were few, and that was a long time ago.

What you can do is get a number from somewhere else, and then port it over to Fongo, but that would cost you $25.
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