Testing Fongo SMS

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Testing Fongo SMS

Postby Moggie » 01/12/2019


I ran into a few instances where I was not receiving SMS text from people. I went on Fongo's support page and applied the following changes to my Galaxy Tab E Android tablet.

https://support.fongo.com/hc/en-us/arti ... on-Android

Now I want to find a way to periodically test to make sure I've gotten rid of that glitch for good. The only solution I have up to now is to ask friends to send me a text message, which can be damned annoying for my friends. What I need is the ability to self test.

I tried activating Facebook and GMail's Two Step verification code system but it does not accept short texts.

Can someone recommend something that sends me an automatic text from time to time to ensure my issue is fixed once and for all?
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