pay as you go cards and Fongo

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pay as you go cards and Fongo

Postby furryface47 » 02/15/2019

Will pay as you go cards work with Fongo? I want to use my Fongo number instead of the one I used to have. It is a Virgin cell phone. Do I have to buy a Virgin pay as you go cards and can I use it with my Fongo?
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Re: pay as you go cards and Fongo

Postby bridonca » 02/15/2019

No. Fongo and Virgin provide 2 separate services. If you need a mobile phone service with cellular voice and data, Virgin can do that. If you need an app that can make and receive phone calls, using an internet connection, be it data or wifi, Fongo can do that.

You could forward your Fongo number to your Virgin number, if you can get people to call your Fongo number, but you do not have an Internet connection. Otherwise, you can take calls from the Fongo number through the app. It depends on what you have for a cell phone plan with Virgin.
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