Has my Fongo mobile number been hacked?

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Has my Fongo mobile number been hacked?

Postby disabsk » 11/27/2019

I use Fongo mobile app on mobile device and have ported in my number from another carrier 10 months ago.

I use the basic fongo mobile app service that allows me to receive text messages and make free calls to local numbers and receive calls. I use whatsapp to text with my contacts. I have not purchased fongo text service and hence cannot send outbound texts using fongo. I do not have any other carrier service in my phone and fongo is my only number.

No major issues till two days back.

Two days back, Friend of mine told me he received a text from my number and forwarded me the message that was sent. Today, I happened to see his phone as well and I can clearly see the message in question showing under my number. He did a test message from his phone to see if it comes to my fongo app and I received the test message coming in as coming from his number.

So, without text feature in my fongo mobile app and no other carrier sms/text option to send outbound text, I am worried how is it possible for my friend to receive a text as if it comes from my phone number. I am worried if my fongo phone number has been hacked? Is it possible?

What are the options available to me?

What should I do next to make sure I am protected?

Should I continue to use fongo as my primary service provider for my phone number or should I port out to another non VOIP carrier?

Am I freaking out and/or are there other valid reason for this scenario to occur?

Please help. Thanks very much.
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Re: Has my Fongo mobile number been hacked?

Postby Liptonbrisk » 11/28/2019

Spoofing outbound caller ID for calls and SMS is relatively trivial. Whether offering number spoofing is legal depends on the location of the service being offered. For example, Spooftel in B.C. is allowed to exist for now.

You can google "spoof sms" (you'll see services that allow this as well) or "protect myself from spoofing" for general advice. However, there's nothing you can do to stop anyone from spoofing your number, much in the same manner that it's typically impossible for average users to hunt down scammers in India, for example, who call people using spoofed phone numbers. Service providers who make money from scammers are unlikely to pursue their own customers, and if it's legal for the service provider to allow number spoofing, then reporting the service provider seems useless. If you are a victim of fraud, you can report the issue to the RCMP: http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifr ... ex-eng.htm.

Your Fongo Mobile number has not been stolen if you can receive calls and texts. Rather, it has been spoofed.
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