Typical questions a new guy might ask.

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Re: Typical questions a new guy might ask.

Postby bridonca » 07/23/2016

oceanbearing wrote:Can we purchase the Fongo $4.95 per month service (plus Fongo ATA, set up fee and shipping) and later switch to freephoneline but keep using the Fongo ATA?
If I move to freephoneline I would need to spend the $79 for SIP but it would be nice to have working fall back plan and known working ATA.

Not 100% on this, but it only costs $5 to port from one Fongo service to another. So you should be able to do this. As the Fongo home phone SIP device is unlocked, you could use any VOIP SIP service, even Freephoneline. Now the question is, do you have to go through the rigamarole of needing a new Freephoneline account, doing the port, and applying new settings to the old SIP device? My guess is no, but if you do, not the end of the world.
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Re: Typical questions a new guy might ask.

Postby Checkfx » 01/21/2017

i have a phone number and using fongo only with wifi ....

Let say i live in montreal who's free for me incoming ou outgoing when connected in wifi.

My sister who's having a cell phone with telus also living in montreal ...call me on fongo , do she get some charge from telus cause it's a fongo number ?
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Re: Typical questions a new guy might ask.

Postby Jake » 01/22/2017

Fongo numbers are really just general normal phone numbers. The system Fongo has created allows for them to offer you free calls to many many numbers. Telus on the other hand works differently and will charge you for calls.

If you sister has free local calls, then it could be that your Montreal is not on the same local exchange as she is, so she will probably get charged. It's difficult to say completely without knowing what numbers you both have, and what plan she has, but in general yes I would expect Telus will charge her for calling you BUT it has nothing to do with your number being a 'Fongo' number. It will more than likely have more to do with what exchanges your numbers are registered on.
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Re: Typical questions a new guy might ask.

Postby FAIREN » 01/07/2020

I installed the Desktop App, and it worked, Your answer is very clear and helpful. Thanks very much!
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