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by neirbos
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Topic: Calling FongoWorks from Fongo
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Calling FongoWorks from Fongo

I find if i call my FongoWorks number, from a landline or cell phone, when I click an extension I get music while it's trying to connect.

However, when I call from a Fongo number, I get silence. Seems strange.
by neirbos
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Topic: Improved Call Handling
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Improved Call Handling

Loving the FongoWorks so far for our little 3 person offlceless operation. But a couple of gotchya's: By default the call handling is "blank" which seems to be: 1) FW App, 2) Forward, 3) FW VM 1) Once another option is chosen (VM, Fwd, Fwd then VM), the first option is no longer available....