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by nosaelg
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Topic: FAVS are forgotten
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FAVS are forgotten

Contacts menu > FAVS
My FAVS are always forgotten after a short time. I can Choose FAVS and add some contacts to add to the favourites list, but a few days later, the list is empty! Yes, I'm using the latest 2022.2 version (Feb 1, 2022) of the iPhone app.
by nosaelg
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Topic: Access main menu, read a SMS during a call
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Access main menu, read a SMS during a call

When I’m in a call I cannot access the main menu of the Fongo app. I would like to read or send a text message during a call but I cannot. Would you be able to add this ability/feature?

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by nosaelg
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Topic: Bluetooth devices
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Re: Bluetooth devices

Yes, I’m having trouble with this issue too. Would be good to have this issue addressed. Calls with my Beats Bluetooth headphones & microphone headset. Thanks!