Free calling areas expanded.

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Free calling areas expanded.

Postby bridonca » 04/12/2016

The free calling areas in Canada appear to have expanded. A lot more. Take a look, and try calling those hole in the wall towns! ... wfoundland
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Re: Free calling areas expanded.

Postby gogu392 » 05/05/2016

Nice, excellent, way to go Phone Line.
Good job.
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Re: Free calling areas expanded.

Postby trees » 07/17/2016

I have a fongo number and wanted to use it to call US - i have not used this service for over 6 months - but it is still active.
Please help me understand when i used it today to call US it said i have only 5 mins or so on it. I did not know what it meant and quickly disconnected. It was a conference call i was trying to dial and connect.

I knew the call will be over 60 mins. (freeconference call)

Do we pay for the calls on Fongo am not sure if anything has changed - since i got my fongo number.

Please guide me

Also i wish to change my password and not sure how to go about it. Thank you for all your help
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Re: Free calling areas expanded.

Postby Jake » 07/18/2016

Calls to the US are not covered in the free calling area. You will have to buy World Credits in order to call there.
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