Porting Turn Around Time

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Porting Turn Around Time

Postby fruvous » 08/24/2016

Just wondering why porting into fongo takes 14-21 days as opposed to several minutes when moving among the big 3.

I need to time my port properly so I don't run into any crazy tab charges. Thanks!
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Re: Porting Turn Around Time

Postby bridonca » 08/24/2016

The big 3 and their flankers have an understanding with each other. They know if you switch from one overpriced phone company to another, even if it is direct competition, either you will probably come back to a flanker, or that telco took a customer from another telco. Saying that, I have had ports from the same company take a week. (Bell to President's Choice Prepaid Mobile) Your mileage may vary.

With Fongo it is little different. Once you switch to Fongo, because of the pricing, one is much less likely to switch from Fongo. So the incumbent telco will drag their feet on porting to Fongo as long as is legally possible. I do believe there are some technical issues that have to be ironed out when porting to a VOIP carrier.

I think Fongo also does ports in batches to optimize on their manpower. that might add a day or 2 to the porting process.
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