Can I dial all Canadian number for free

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Can I dial all Canadian number for free

Postby adamtran » 11/28/2016

I have another question. I found that FPL can call most Canadian number for free, but not all. For example, when I call 705-328-2875 (Peterborough, Ontario), it won't let me go through. Is there anyone having the same experience
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Re: Can I dial all Canadian number for free

Postby Jake » 11/28/2016

You should be able to call all numbers in these places

705-328 numbers are listed as being in Lindsay
705 328 Bell Canada 8051 In Service Lindsay

and I can see Lindsay in the list of free places, so calls should go through.

Are 705-328-XXXX new numbers? Sometimes when new numbers are added to exchanges it takes a while for the rate tables to update here.
This thread viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5418 is usually monitored by staff so post it in there. It would probably be worth sending in a support ticket also
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