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Freephoneline Account Registration Contact Number etc.

PostPosted: 01/16/2022
by g777
Am I missing something or what kind of a stunt is Fango trying to pull?

Puzzle me this;
How is someone supposed to give a contact number during signup when they don’t have one yet, or SMS for that matter?

Someone starting from scratch usually gets hand-me-down cell phone, reset to factory settings with no cell account, or laptop or desktop. Then usually uses free Wifi to connect or gets beginners internet account. If they had the cash for overpriced cell account then that’s where they’d go, not Freephoneline.

As a new user they are not going to ask their neighbors, friends or family for their number to use as contact and definitely not anyone off the street.

To create a support ticket, wait, wait some more and maybe get an answer in a day to a week, just to signup, is totally unacceptable. It’s not even listed on the Account Registration page.

Visiting Fango office we find it’s closed due to Covid scam by politicians. See ... source.pdf for actual laws, NOT policy. Read carefully and comprehend it. Businesses and individuals are liable under the law to the full extent of the law.

So how is Fongo going to fix all this in a timely manner?
How do I get a free phone line with one straightforward registration and no gimmicks, hassles or catch-22 situations?
Why is there no email for/or direct contact with Fongo for this and other serious matters?
And why is this thing logging me out while I type these problems?

Re: Freephoneline Account Registration Contact Number etc.

PostPosted: 01/16/2022
by Jake
It's always been like this unfortunately. I remember a long time ago when I first started with FreePhoneLine and having to provide a phone number. We had disconnected Bell so had no landline number for them to call to verify. This was before they moved to a SMS system.
I believe the only thing you can do if you want to set up a FreePhoneLine account and you don't have a number you can send an SMS code to is to contact them through support, or maybe another option is to ask a friend to receive the code for you.

You mentioned a phone in your post. If you want to set up the number on your phone, then I would suggest to use Fongo instead of FPL.

It's been a while since I installed the app on a phone, but I believe you just install the app and verify an email. They don't, or rather didn't, need to send an SMS code when I set up the app on my second phone a while back.

FreePhoneLine is more aimed towards self installed home phones.
Fongo Mobile is just for mobile phones.
Fongo Home is just for Home phones, but you get the equipment from Fongo who also set up all the details for you. It's a lot more plug and play than FPL is, which doesn't have any free official support.

This is their contact information - and how to escalate a complaint should you have one, including how to contact the CCTS - ... -Complaint

As for why the forum keeps logging you out, I'm sorry I don't know. A while back the forum was logging us out every time we came back to the forum. That seems to have been fixed though.

Re: Freephoneline Account Registration Contact Number etc.

PostPosted: 01/18/2022
by g777
Thanx Jake,
Always been like this? Well it’s not right. To involve someone else is against privacy law & others.
To clear/wipe a used phone to factory settings, update it, etc. is a pain in the ass. Which I did due to your link.
Installed it and tried all day to get it to work. No SMS, but email needed. No sound on Fongo app, incoming or outgoing calls etc. rest of phone works perfectly. Did the Account > settings > etc. thing with no working result. Those settings and choices are a nightmare … the WORST and most confusing I’ve seen to date on any app. Done on purpose? Coder/s should be …
Tested router and rest of stuff and they let Fongo in and out, and at good speeds. Did test number & still no sound. Callers say phone line is not active or unavailable but leave a message system works.
I don’t care if they provide support or not they better put out an app that works out of the box. It seems this is a scam to push PPL to pay plans. It’s false advertising, scam , fraud, etc. in such case there’s also ... f/eng/home ... a better idea. Thanx for links.
BTW; ALL types of packages they offer are under one name, Fongo.
Every Voip I/we have tested works pretty good, even Linphone / a very complicated sip app. There’s no reason why Fongo ones shouldn’t be configured to work on install.
Forum most likely logs out because there’s multiple configured settings.

Re: Freephoneline Account Registration Contact Number etc.

PostPosted: 01/18/2022
by Jake
I'm sorry things did not work out for.
Thanks for confirming that you were able to register without having to have a phone number for a call or SMS. Unless I do these things often I tend to forget, and of course they seem to change things from time to time.

A long time ago when there was just FreePhoneLine, they even had a phone number you could call and get hold of a tech! How things have changed.

From a personal experience I have installed Fongo Mobile on older Android and iOS devices without issues. A few people do come here mentioning that they don't have audio on a few devices, so you are not alone there.

I think we would all echo your comments on wanting a better working app. I don't find it bad, and certainly not unusable, it does pretty much want I need it to do which is just basic things.
If you use Linphone, then maybe the Voip Unlock Key from FreePhoneLine is an option for you. There you essentially get the SIP credentials to use a SIP client of your choice. It all depends on what you are looking for from the Fongo family, and if you are willing to put anything up front.
I am guessing that from your experiences so far that might not be much, if anything :)