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Freephonline Unlock key - feedback

PostPosted: 03/05/2022
by fguser100

I'm planning to buy Freephoneline Unlock key and I would like to have some feedbacks / answers before making this purchase ( I''l be using SPA21021 ) :

1) Is it reliable ( how often the line is not available ) ?

2) Is there any limit regarding phone calls ( for example a call can not last longer than 2 hours, I can not make more than 20 hours / month etc .... )

3) Any other comments


Re: Freephonline Unlock key - feedback

PostPosted: 03/05/2022
by Liptonbrisk
fguser100 wrote:
1) Is it reliable ( how often the line is not available ) ?

No SIP service has 100% uptime, but I don't recall a known outage during 2022. FPL has been pretty reliable.
There was an issue with delayed voicemails that I'm not sure is resolved (I think it is, but I'm not positive): viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20292.
Normally with Freephoneline the voicemail notification takes up to 10 minutes to arrive after a voicemail has been left and up to 10 minutes to disappear after all voicemail has been deleted.

Is there any limit regarding phone calls ( for example a call can not last longer than 2 hours, I can not make more than 20 hours / month etc .... )

There's a 2 channel limit. No more than two simultaneous calls can be active per FPL account. Call duration limit is 3 hours per call.
There's only one FPL number allowed per FPL account. Each FPL account requires a separate email address.

When there are multiple devices/softphones/lines using the same FPL account, only the most recent registration is valid. The previous device will lose registration, and, consequently, incoming calls will not work on it. This is especially important to consider if someone else is using your SIP credentials (username and password) that are found after logging in at or if you're trying to register your FPL account with a smartphone SIP app (or FPL desktop app) or with another device. Registration is required for incoming calls. It is not required for outgoing calls. Only one registration per FPL account is allowed at any time. A single line on an ATA is one registration. A SIP app is another. A more significant concern, though, is that multiple registration attempts can lead to temporary IP bans. The more devices being used with the exact same FPL account can make the temporary ban happen more quickly. Each time you reboot or restart your ATA or a SIP app, it's attempting to register with Freephoneline again. Multiple registration attempts within a short period can result in temporary IP ban with the proxy server being used.

With those restrictions in mind, FPL offers unlimited calling.

Any other comments

1) Freephoneline does not offer free technical support. Fongo Home Phone does via online ticketing.
Tickets can be submitted at

Fongo's status page is located at
Note that due to the pandemic, ticket responses are delayed at this time.

If you feel you will need a lot of technical assistance, Freephoneline is probably not an ideal choice for you.

2) I strongly encourage you to read this post concerning routers: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20199#p78976.

3) I suggest going through the the first 5 pages of this PDF guide (located at the bottom of the first post in the thread), even though you're not using the same ATA: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=18805#p73839.

4) I would also read step 6d on pages 16 and 17.

5) The Freephoneline desktop app is free to try before making a purchase.

For the Freephoneline Windows desktop app . . .

Make sure that you're not muting anything (microphone/speakers), and that you tested to ensure your mic is working before fiddling around with the Windows app:

Test on a computer that's connected to your router (without DMZ or port forwarding enabled). Should you encounter 1-way audio issues, look for a feature called SIP ALG in your router (you may need to call your ISP if you're using a modem/router combo) and disable that feature.

Steps i,ii, and iv below are for help dealing with 1-way audio issues with Freephoneline Windows desktop application.

from ... #p27011164

You can try the Freephoneline desktop app for free:
It requires 32-bit Java to run. If you have problems installing the desktop app, visit ... 810#p74810 and follow the steps in the order presented.

FPL support staff used to recommend testing the FPL desktop app (which has been out of development, as far as I can tell, since February 28, 2013) before buying a VoIP unlock key.

Re: Freephonline Unlock key - feedback

PostPosted: 03/13/2022
by fguser100
Thank you very much for a very detail answer.

Re: Freephonline Unlock key - feedback

PostPosted: 03/29/2022
by Liptonbrisk
You're welcome!