Oversees rate sugnifically increased!

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Oversees rate sugnifically increased!

Postby jovan1 » 12/13/2011

Oversees rate significant increase

I am using FPL for all oversees calls. I mostly call Serbia.

A few days a go rate has been increase more than 3 times, from 7.5 cents to 22 cesnts.
All other providers use the normal rates, only FPL increased them.
This si not small increase and it is unjustified. We should have been informed that it is coming because of massive increase.

FPL should credit all users for difference, and return all rates, or all cumsters will use different providers.

FPL, please comment.
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Re: Oversees rate sugnifically increased!

Postby FONGO_steve » 12/13/2011

As per our terms and conditions:

Long Distance
Long distance calls are free when Customer is calling to Freephoneline's ON-NET Canadian cities. For a current listing of ON-NET cities please check http://www.freephoneline.ca/features. For calling to OFF-NET destinations the Customer may purchase long distance credits. Charges for long distance calling will be applied against the credits at the then current long distance rates, which may change from time to time, without notice to Customer. All destinations have landline rates and cellular rates..

Due to the constantly fluxuating costs of connecting international calls, freephoneline will update our rates on occasion in order to maintain high call quality and competitive rates. A few rate changes did recently occur, and it would appear as though the country you commonly call was one of them.
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Re: Oversees rate sugnifically increased!

Postby jovan1 » 12/13/2011

But 3 times increase, should be announced.
If it fluctuates it is up to 10 %, but 300 precent must be warned.
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Re: Oversees rate sugnifically increased!

Postby killerjay » 12/23/2016

i just noticed today that the rates to call portugal has skyrocketed as well! no warning or anything of such a rate increase! its cheaper to call on my cellphone!!!! this is rediculous... the entire point of me getting fpl was cheaper long distance! now its more expensive! what a joke!
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