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Postby wycito » 06/23/2009

Hi all
Is there a way to check the voicemail from another phone entering the password? and is there a way to change the number of rings that the voicemail picks up the call?

Thanks Again

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Re: Voicemail

Postby FONGO_kris » 06/24/2009

1. No, there is currently not an option to pick up messages from a remote (non-fpl) telephone.

We will work on this but need to stabalize all aspects of the soft phone as well as finish some features we are working on (ie. Video Confrencing).

2. Yes, under "FollowMe Settings" click "When Unavailable /FollowMe" and enter 1+AREACODE+0000000 -- So it would look like this on my account: 15190000000.

We we eventually get this as an actual feature but for now this works perfectly, everytime.

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