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If you join this board as a VoIP vendor, we require that the business you represent be disclosed in your information and non-VoIP related business topics are forbidden.

No posts containing links to sites from which the poster can make a profit - unless specifically requested by other users or Fongo. Exception: Vendors may have one (and only one please) link to their site in their signature line and MUST identify themselves as a vendor.

Vendors are expected to act professionally and are held to a high standard when posting. The right is reserved to take corrective action deemed appropriate by the administrators and moderators, including but not limited to deletion of posts, temporary or permanent bans, and loss of rights to free advertising.

Vendors, please be aware that product pushing will also be considered a violation of the TOS. Sending unsolicited private messages (PMs) to users is also forbidden and considered spam.

Vendors posting under alternate identities to market their products will be banned for life from the Fongo forums.

In addition, vendors/manufacturers are to refrain from commenting on their competitor’s equipment (directly or indirectly). Please restrain your comments to products you manufacture or resell.

Please note that violations will be determined by the mods/admins, and vendors who violate this rule will lose their privileges and their service at Fongo.

Please note: the Terms of Service (TOS) / Forum Guidelines are subject to change without notice.