Caller ID "Name" not showing up with softphone

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Caller ID "Name" not showing up with softphone

Postby westor » 07/31/2009

According to the CallerID information page ( the name of a caller inaddition to the number should be showing up. I am using the softphone and have yet to see anything other than the phone number. Is this not supported by the softphone? Would I get this feature if I am using an ATA? I also noticed that the call logs only show the phone number and not the name. Why don't the logs show the name?

I have also noticed that there seems to be some incompaibilites with other providers. When I call out usingthe softphone to my BabyTEL line, no caller ID information is displayed on the babyTEL display. However, when I call from my Bell landline to the BabyTEL line, name and number are displayed. Does anyone understand why this might be?

I have been thinking about porting my bell landline to freephoneline and forwarding it to my babyTEL line. Unfortunately, with my initial testing, it seems that I would lose CallerID (name and number) in this situation. If I could get this fixed and I found that the service with freephoneline was working for me I would drop BabyTEL as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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