Time Lag for outgoing calls

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Time Lag for outgoing calls

Postby kola » 08/02/2009


When i make a outgoing call, when the other person says hello.......I cannot hear it the first time. There is definitely a time lag.

Could anyone please post a solution for this problem. I am using Linksys SPA 2102 ATA and have configured all the settings according to FPL instructions. Codec has been set to G729a.

Your participation in this regard will be highly apprciated.

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Re: Time Lag for outgoing calls

Postby westor » 08/03/2009

I experience the same symptom using the FPL softphone.
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Re: Time Lag for outgoing calls

Postby Krazie243 » 08/05/2009

What is the time lag related to:
1 - Dialing to ringing
2 - Speaking to hearing

(1) The delay in dialing to ringing can be solved by dialing # at the end of the number to indicate a stop that forces dialing to begin immediately.
(2) The delay in speaking to hearing is usually caused by the software or drivers of your audio equipment hooked up to your computer. This issue almost never exists on an ATA adapter. Try playing with the settings of your audio playback on your computer.
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Re: Time Lag for outgoing calls

Postby FONGO_steve » 08/06/2009

Agreed with Krazie. When it's speaking to hearing you're encountering what the professional audio world refers to as "latency". Depending on the quality of your average consumer-level hardware being used, latency will always be there but in different amounts. Since ATAs cut out the need for all this software/driver conversion, they will eliminate most of the sources where latency can arrive (ie. poor audio device driver structure, slow processor, laggy OS, etc).
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Re: Time Lag for outgoing calls

Postby kola » 08/07/2009

Hi Curtis:

Time delay is in : Speaking to Hearing................................

I have another FPL line , that works perfectly fine without any Lag. The only major difference is
that the 1st FPL no. is 647 , selected from the site and the 2nd FPL is ported no. 905....

I have major problems on the ported no. and I feel that something went wrong while porting the no.
because i have been having issues right from the begining on this line.

The problems are :-
1. Time Lag when dialing out ( Speaking to Hearing )
2. Some phones specially landlines cannot call my 1905 no. . They get a message that please check the no. you have dialed.
It has been brought to my notice from many people that they can't get through and if they call from their cell, then they are conected.
3. Voice clarity has been an issue sometimes........it gets choppy......

It would be great, if you guys could solve my problems............

I am using Rogers highest connections of 7Mbps.

Waiting for a solution.........

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