Using FPL account as an office line

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Using FPL account as an office line

Post by Canuck2015 »

My small business operates in an office building from which we acquire and borrow the wi-fi signal. We have been using our FPL account as our general office line number, and the service has been great. We'd like to connect a physical phone via VOIP/ATA so that we can check voicemails, make calls, etc. Only caveat is that we do not have physical access to the router, and our FPL account is on my work laptop.

Would there be a best practice suggested to setup our FPL account to a physical phone, utilizing a method where we do not have direct access to the router from which we acquire our wi-fi signal from? Thanks again for your help!
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Re: Using FPL account as an office line

Post by Jake »

You can try and set up a wifi router as a repeater bridge. But you will more than likely have to install DDWRT or the like (which is never a bad thing on a router anyway).

This image will give you an idea of how it is set up. ... Bridge.jpg The primary router does not need to be using DDWRT, and you would be the secondary side of things.
I do not know if you will get problems with the calls however, using one router can be problematic enough but bouncing it through 2 might be more than most will want to tackle.

Another option would be to get a VOIP sip phone that has WiFi built in. But I don't think that is going to be a cheap option.

I am assuming that you have permission to use the WiFi connection you do, so is it possible to come to some sort of arrangement with them that you are able to place a cordless phone base next to the router? (either a combined phone and ata, or separate). You can then have external handsets running from that base unit.
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