SPA 2102 5.2.5

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SIP Device Name: SPA 2102
Firmware Version: 5.2.5
Router: HITRON

SPA 2102 5.2.5

Post by gjelkov »

Hi guys,
Need help with my SPA 2102 5.2.5
My phone was working till last Friday, suddenly, on Saturday the spa 2102 (when logged into) shows is registered, but when I log in to shows disconnected....
My sip is Rogers and I thought they are blocking something, but tried different isp, and does not work either...
Using as advised, and but both seemed not to work...
There is a signal, but no outgoing or incoming calls...message "this account number is not valid".
Got in touch with Fongo, and they said "This is to confirm that there are no issues with 1........ at the back end"
Even set up "Grandstream HT701" with them, and it was working (I was able to dial my number)
Still do not understand how can my spa show that the router is registered ( and there is a signal...but can not call...
I am very confused...
Please if anyone can help....
With best regards
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Re: SPA 2102 5.2.5

Post by Jake »

If you have proven that your account works on another ATA, then I would factory reset your 2102 and set it up again. Make sure you also have it locked down with a admin password as a few people here have posted that their ATAs have had settings changed that they have not done. Attacks on ATAs do happen.

The ATA showing registered just means that it is talking to the VOIP server (in as much as it can talk to the server), not that it has been authenticated on the server. When you place a call it then authenticates with it before placing the call. The fact it is showing disconnected online would support this.

Did you change anything in the ATA? If you don't want to go through the trouble of resetting the ATA then double checking the username and password might be fruitful. Some of the Cisco/Linksis ATAs don't like the & symbol in the outbound caller ID, so double check that also.

Personally I think I would reset the ATA then I know I am starting fresh.

Let us know how you get on.
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