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Setup An Account Using My Brother's Phone in Canada

PostPosted: 01/25/2017
by Alberto

We (I and my wife, and my brother) live in Canada and I am a Canadian citizen. My mother is seriously sick and I left Canada temporarily to take care of my mother.
I have deactivated my own cell number before I leave Canada. My brother lives in another city in Canada and he is in Canada.
Now I need to call my bank, gas, water, friends, etc... and need to have a number.
Can I open an account using my name and personal information, and my own home address in Canada BUT use my brother's phone number? (In order to open an account a Canadian number is required... and my previous Canadian number is not active now to be used... So I want to use my brother's Canadian number but my own home address and info in Canada).

I look forward to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Re: Setup An Account Using My Brother's Phone in Canada

PostPosted: 01/25/2017
by bridonca
I think it would be easier if your brother set up the Fongo account, and you then got the login details from him. Make sure an Android device is used when he registers, because Apple does weird things with the registration. Once you have the registration info, you can use an Apple device if that is your thing.

I am not sure how easy it will be for you to download the Fongo app out of country. You might have to purchase a world edition if you are not good with downloading from a Canadian VPN. If you already have the Fongo app on your phone, you should be set.

Re: Setup An Account Using My Brother's Phone in Canada

PostPosted: 01/26/2017
by Alberto
Hello Bridonca,

Thank you for your message and many thanks for comments.
You siad, it would be "easier" if my brother sets up a Fongo account... The problem is not how easy or difficult is the account opening process... Because I can also simply and easily do the exact same procedure... My concern is if it is ok in terms of Terms and Conditions and Legal stuff...
When you want to open an account, you should follow these steps:
1. Enter your name and birthdate
2. Provide your postal address
3. Provide a phone number that Fongo can send you an acctivation code vis SMS

Now we have two options.
Option 1:
1. Enter MY name and MY birthdate
2. Provide MY own home address in Canada (I own a private house in Canada)

Option 2:
1. Enter MY BROTHER'S name and MY BROTHER'S birthdate
2. Provide MY BROTHER'S home address in Canada

In both cases, the difficulty of the procedure remains the same... My main question is:
Regardless of using Option 1 or Option 2, the end user is me.... that means, I am the real user of the number and not my brother... is there any problem with that?
In terms of Fongo's policy and law enforcement and etc, which one is better? Option 1 or 2? Are they the same in that regard?

Re: Setup An Account Using My Brother's Phone in Canada

PostPosted: 01/26/2017
by bridonca
Personally, I would go with option 1.

For what you want to do, I do not think you have to worry much about the heavy hand of the law. As long as you do not use the service for blatantly illegal purposes that will cause Fongo grief, I cannot see Fongo giving you much hassle. The terms and conditions are there to protect Fongo, to let you know they have every right to suspend your service if you abuse it. If you are not causing problems, I highly doubt Fongo will go out of their way to bother you, especially if all you want to do is make and take Canadian calls from another country. For example, if really Fongo wanted to, they could geoblock Fongo to work in Canada only. They do not, and it appears not to be a thing they even desire to do. I have never heard of anyone losing their Fongo service for doing what you want to do.

The only pitfall I can think of is that Fongo 911 will not be effective, and it is only a problem if anyone using the Fongo service do not know that, and do not have alternate means to call in an emergency.

Re: Setup An Account Using My Brother's Phone in Canada

PostPosted: 01/27/2017
by Jake
You are going to have trouble downloading the Fongo app, unless you know how to use proxies.

For the sake of ease, as you are outside of Canada, I would just download the World Edition version. It cost $5, but that would probably negate any hassle you are going to have in getting the app setup. You can also leave the account with your mother once she is better so you can call her, and she can call you, for free. ... 09977?mt=8 ... ium%3Dlink

From posts I have seen on the forum, you can't set up a normal Fongo account and then use the World Edition one. I believe they have them on separate databases.