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SMS forwarding?

PostPosted: 04/28/2019
by Zigakly
I''ve set up both my current phone and old phone with Fongo and Flexiroam, sharing some data from my main account to the old phone. The idea is I'm going to mount the old phone in my car so all texts and calls go to both phones, and I'm not constantly moving my main phone between my hip holster and the car mount (and routinely forgetting it in the car etc). Everything is working fine except I cannot forward texts via Fongo. There are apps that can work with the Android SMS app etc, but they don't work with Fongo.

Does anyone know of a solution? Or will I have to wait until Fongo adds this feature? Distracted driving fines are pretty damn steep now...

Re: SMS forwarding?

PostPosted: 04/29/2019
by mh1983
Zigakly wrote:Distracted driving fines are pretty damn steep now...

For good reason! Don't do it!

Re: SMS forwarding?

PostPosted: 05/01/2019
by Zigakly
I have 3 relatives locally over 75 yrs old, I'm the only one available to address sudden health problems. If my phone rings I won't answer without pulling over, but I'm going to check to see who's calling. That alone is a $1000 fine now. I think my solution to install a second phone in my car is more than reasonable. Flexiroam makes that amazingly affordable.

In case y'all don't know, if you're already using Fongo you can use Flexiroam as your cel provider. It's a Malaysian company which buys local data all over the world at wholesale prices and resells it. In Canada it gets around the CRTC monopoly, by far the cheapest cel service. You have to buy 90 days in advance to get the best rates, and after taking advantage of some other discounts I'm getting 3.75GB/mo for around $12.

Then I put a Flexiroam SIM in my old phone and I shared 300mb from my main account over to it. It's on another Fongo account, and using Follow Me when someone calls my main phone both phones ring simultaneously.