Linksys WIP300 phone usage

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Linksys WIP300 phone usage

Postby Savario » 06/07/2009

This phone is an IP phone, which doesn't require a computer, or ATA. You just configure the SIP settings in the phone. Does anyone know if it will work with service? I'd think it should but I want to be sure because if I pay $50 to get the configuration details for this, and it DIDN'T work, do you offer any refund? I assume i'm paying for a password to access SIP through another device?

Thanks for info.
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Re: Linksys WIP300 phone usage

Postby nameless00 » 06/08/2009

I've been testing and playing around with various ATAs in my collection. There are in fact SIP "compliant" devices that do not work regardless of the port forwarding used that has been recommended.

So far all the Linksys-Cisco, and Cisco ATA work fine. I have had "Vonage" unlocked, non Linksys-Cisco ATAs fail.

My understanding is that the $50 once charged is not refundable.
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Re: Linksys WIP300 phone usage

Postby FONGO_kris » 06/08/2009

You are correct nameless00

We do not offer refunds, since of course FPL is a free service we aren't in a place to be giving our unsatisfied customers money back.

We can (and will) do is do our best to help them and usually we get the job done.

I can say that IP (SIP) Phones WILL work with FPL as I have tried them, granted it was here in the office and I had a bit more technology at my disposal but all in all it was the same as using an ATA, a bit grainy, but tweaking the config for jitter ctrl and such did the trick.

The linksys WIP300 is a good phone but can be touchy with certain services.

I will be happy to help with any further questions

---- As per the SIP compliant phones not working, try putting them behind your router, [CABLE/DSL] [MODEM] [SIP PHONE/ATA] [ROUTER]
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