Freephoneline settings on FreePBX

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Freephoneline settings on FreePBX

Postby Juste » 06/07/2019


Could anyone please remind me the settings Freephoneline needs to work with Asterisk (FreePBX) ?

I tried to replicate whatever has been mentioned on this forum a few years ago, with no luck.

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Re: Freephoneline settings on FreePBX

Postby menext » 04/12/2021

context=unauthenticated ; default context for incoming calls
allowguest=no ; disable unauthenticated calls
srvlookup=yes ; enabled DNS SRV record lookup on outbound calls
udpbindaddr=IP.ADD ; listen for UDP requests on all interfaces
tcpenable=no ; disable TCP support
register =>

[office-phone](!) ; create a template for our devices
type=friend ; the channel driver will match on username first, IP second
context=LocalSets ; this is where calls from the device will enter the dialplan
host=dynamic ; the device will register with asterisk
nat=yes ; assume device is behind NAT
; *** NAT stands for Network Address Translation, which allows
; multiple internal devices to share an external IP address.
secret=VERYBIGSECRET ; a secure password for this device -- DON'T USE THIS PASSWORD!
dtmfmode=auto ; accept touch-tones from the devices, negotiated automatically
disallow=all ; reset which voice codecs this device will accept or offer
allow=ulaw ; which audio codecs to accept from, and request to, the device
allow=alaw ; in the order we prefer

This may be very late for your answer but I am sure that others will be interested. You need to setup SIP not PJSIP. Modify your sip.conf accordingly. Below is an example that works with the proper username and password.

context=from-sip ; this section will be defined in extensions.conf
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Re: Freephoneline settings on FreePBX

Postby Liptonbrisk » 02/28/2023

Check Settings->Asterisk SIP Settings->Chan SIP Settings (Registration Times) to see if you have the following:


Settings might be within sip_general_custom.conf file
Or when using FreePBX web UI try Asterisk-->Asterisk SIP settings

This should be under Peer Details (for FPL trunk configuration with FreePBX):

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Re: Freephoneline settings on FreePBX

Postby ilneofita » 08/14/2023

I modified the pjsip in order to have it worked with FPL, the modification is on git asterisk and for sure will be included in the next release
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