Dialing a teleconference bridge with SPA112

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Dialing a teleconference bridge with SPA112

Postby pandaa » 05/26/2014


I have set up FPL with Cisco SPA 112 . It works fine when I call my cell phone but when I dial my company's conference bridge, it dials the number but then sits there kind of muted.
I followed the configuration from here : http://blog.voipdiy.com/2013/07/configu ... -with.html

Is there anything else I need to configure to make it work for calling conference bridges.

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Re: Dialing a teleconference bridge with SPA112

Postby Jake » 05/26/2014

Look on the Line 1 Tab (you may need to log in as admin and advanced) for the DTMF settings. Some systems will work on one setting while others wont. Try the different settings there, but I usually find Inband works with most systems.
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