OBi100 with ROGERS Setup Guide

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OBi100 with ROGERS Setup Guide

Post by Jake »

Credits to Val, thank you for your help.

The attached PDF will help you set up your OBi100 device with ROGERS from scratch. It is a known working configuration so if you are having troubles with your OBi100 with ROGERS reset back to defaults and follow this guide.

Edit by LiptonBrisk: Navigate to Service Providers-->ITSP Profile (FPL)-->SIP
RegisterRetryInterval should be 120 seconds. ... /212430746
And then do what Mango wrote below.
OBi 100 Freephoneline Guide ROGERS.pdf
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Prevent calls arriving with caller ID such as 100 or 1001

Post by Mango »

To prevent calls arriving with caller ID such as 100 or 1001, if the calls do not appear in your call logs on the Freephoneline website, use the following procedure:

1) If you use your router to forward ports to your OBi ATA, remove your port forwarding unless things won't work any other way. If your router has an option like "strict UDP session control", enable it, and/or configure its firewall to be as secure as possible. You are receiving these calls because your router's firewall is insecure.

2) Navigate to Voice Services >> SPx Service. Set X_UserAgentPort to a random number between 20000 and 65535. This will make it more difficult for the scanners to find you. If you must forward ports, you will need to update your port forward.

3) Also from within Voice Services >> SPx Service, set X_InboundCallRoute to {>1xxxxxxxxxx:ph}
If the scanners do find you, this will cause your OBi to reject the call. (Note: replace 1xxxxxxxxxx with your FPL number.)
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