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Grandstream HT503 Setup Guide

PostPosted: 08/11/2014
by Jake
Credits to Val, thank you for your help.

The attached PDF will help you set up your Grandstream HT503 device from scratch. It is a known working configuration so if you are having troubles with your Grandstream HT503 reset back to defaults and follow this guide.

Edit: Set “SIP Registration Failure Retry Wait Time” to 120 seconds.

Enabling "Allow Incoming SIP Messages from SIP Proxy Only" is a good idea for preventing SIP scanners/hackers. However, you may want to change that setting to "No" because FPL to FPL and Fongo to FPL calls may not work with that setting enabled, depending on the server being used and how switches FPL uses are configured. Fongo Home Phone has this setting disabled..