SPA122 Setup Guide

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SPA122 Setup Guide

Post by Jake »

Credits to Val, thank you for your help.

The attached PDF will help you set up your SPA122 device from scratch. It is a known working configuration so if you are having troubles with your SPA122 reset back to defaults and follow this guide.

Edit by LiptonBrisk: 1.Navigate to Voice-->SIP tab-->SIP Timer Values (sec)-->Reg Retry Intvl should be 120 seconds ... redentials

2. (Do what Mango wrote below.)
In your SPA122 ATA, navigate to Voice-->SIP tab-->NAT Support Parameters, and make sure that the following settings are enabled:

a)Handle VIA received-->yes
b)Handle VIA rport-->yes
c)Substitute VIA Addr-->yes

3. In your SPA122 ATA, navigate to Voice-->Line 1 (or whatever Line you're using for FPL)-->SIP settings, and change SIP Port to a random number between 30000 and 60000. Do this for security reasons (to help avoid SIP Scanners/hackers). Also, this step may help to temporarily address a corrupted NAT association that's developed between a router and ATA (if you're having registration issues, try selecting a new random port number in this range, and then reboot the ATA. If that works, you were dealing with a corrupted/stale NAT association in your router).

4. In your ATA, navigate to Voice-->Line (whichever you use for FPL)-->Supplementary Service Subscription-->Block CID Serv:
a) change to no
b) Click "submit"
Do this to avoid 15 minute call drops.
Cisco SPA122 ATA Config FreePhoneLine.pdf
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Re: SPA122 Setup Guide

Post by Mango »

To prevent one-way or no audio with the new FPL switches, set the following from within Voice >> SIP:

Handle VIA received: yes
Handle VIA rport: yes
Substitute VIA Addr: yes
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Re: SPA122 Setup Guide

Post by aha »


This is what finally helped me.

Thanks a lot. I'll post my whole story later but after trouble shooting for days and even convincing rogers to disable SIP ALG on my router, this is what actually solved my one way audio problem where the other person could hear me but I couldn't hear them. Also I wasn't able to connect to certain phone numbers after I dialed. This has also been resolved.
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Re: SPA122 Setup Guide

Post by saunders000 »


I have recently switched from BELL DSL to Tecksavvy CABLE and can't get my CISCO ATA to work. I'm wondering whether my Linksys WRT1900ACS router isn't letting traffic through? I've configured the ATA122 using the parameters shared here and am at a loss. Not sure who to ask for help or where to go. Any ideas would be welcomed!! Thanks.
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Re: SPA122 Setup Guide

Post by Liptonbrisk »

saunders000 wrote:Hello,
and can't get my CISCO ATA to work. .
Can you be a little more specific please? What isn't working?

1) What does the registration status in the ATA indicate?
Linksys WRT1900ACS
a) Ensure whatever modem/router combo you're using with Teksavvy is in bridge mode.

b) And try disabling SIP ALG
Click ... 00AC09.png

c) Then reboot modem-->router (wait for it to be fully up and transmitting data)-->ATA in that order.
That's always the proper device reboot order.

2) Are you getting 1-way audio issues? Visit viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20532
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