Linksys SPA3102 Setup Guide

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Linksys SPA3102 Setup Guide

Post by Jake »

Credits to Val, thank you for your help.

The attached PDF will help you set up your Linksys SPA3012 device from scratch. It is a known working configuration so if you are having troubles with your Linksys SPA3012 reset back to defaults and follow this guide.

Edit by LiptonBrisk:
1) Navigate to Voice-->SIP tab-->SIP Timer Values (sec)
a. Reg Retry Intvl should be changed to 120 seconds ... redentials
("Failed Registration Re-Try Interval: 120 seconds")

b.Mango suggests the SIP T1 default setting is too aggressive, and to help resolve potential registration issues, T1 should be set to 1.
Navigate to Voice-->SIP tab-->SIP Timer Values-->SIP T1
Change SIP T1 to 1

2) In your SPA3102, Navigate to the SIP tab-->NAT Support Parameters, and make sure that the following settings are enabled (as Mango wrote below):

a)Handle VIA received-->yes
b)Handle VIA rport-->yes
c)Substitute VIA Addr-->yes

3. In your SPA3102, Navigate to Line 1 (or whatever you're using for FPL)-->SIP settings, and change SIP Port to a random number between 30000 and 60000. Do this for security reasons (to help avoid SIP Scanners/hackers). Also, this step may help to temporarily address a corrupted NAT association that's developed between a router and ATA (if you're having registration issues, try selecting a new random port number in this range, and then reboot the ATA. If that works, you were dealing with a corrupted/stale NAT association in your router).

Never use UDP 5060 for local SIP Port, and don't use the same UDP port number for the SIP port on any other Line.

4. In your ATA, navigate to Voice-->Line (whichever you use for FPL)-->Supplementary Service Subscription-->Block CID Serv:
a) change to no
b) Click "submit"
Do this to avoid 15 minute call disconnections.

5.Navigate to Line (being used for FPL) tab-->Dial Plan
a) Use ([2345689]11|988|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|1xxxxxxxxxx|011xxxxxx.|*98)

If you have an SPA3102 (or an ATA with a PSTN line option) and don't have a traditional telephone landline service (aren't using PSTN),

a) navigate to Voice-->Line 1-->VoIP Fallback To PSTN, and set "Auto PSTN Fallback:" to "No".
Click "Submit All Changes" if changes were made.

b) navigate to Voice-->PSTN Line tab-->set Line enable to "No"
Click "Submit all Changes" if changes were made.

Note that the "Phone" port on the back of the SPA3102 is for calls made using Line 1. The "Line" port on the back of the ATA is for the PSTN Line (connecting to a traditional telephone service).
Linksys SPA3102 ATA Config FreePhoneLine.pdf
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Re: Linksys SPA3102 Setup Guide

Post by Mango »

To prevent one-way or no audio with the new FPL switches, set the following on the Voice >> SIP tab:

Handle VIA received: yes
Handle VIA rport: yes
Substitute VIA Addr: yes
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