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Configuration of FPL for Android?

PostPosted: 12/11/2014
by syzuie
Anyone can guide me through setting up FPL with Android's native SIP?

I have purchased the $50 key and I can not get it to work,

issues: I recieve calls but I can not hear the other person
I can not make calls and I get the "Server Error, Please try again later" message.

Its really getting on my nerve as I can not find any solution?!!!

Re: Configuration of FPL for Android?

PostPosted: 12/11/2014
by bridonca
It seems that you have NAT issues with the router, and there is no easy solution. If you are using wifi, you can configure the router to forward certain ports to the phone, but the router might just not be capable of forwarding packets properly. You might need a new router, and if you do decide to get one, make sure it is capable of being flashed with DD-WRT.

If you are trying to do this through cell data, again, it is a NAT issue, but with the ISP, so you cannot replace that.

You might be able to get the audio routed correctly if you configure for a STUN server. STUN can tell what type of NAT is running, but it is not very useful in fixing the NAT problem.

The nuclear option is to set up a OpenVPN tunnel. You need a reliable OpenVPN server on the other end because you will be using it's NAT and IP. But at least it should be better than the NAT from your telco,