Grandstream UCM6102 PBX

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Grandstream UCM6102 PBX

Postby QBZappy » 02/13/2016

I made some effort to find these settings that worked with Freephoneline. I thought I would share with others who might find it usefull. These are the minimum configuration settings need to make incoming/outgoing calls (that worked for me).

PBX >> Basic/Call Routes >> VoIP Trunks
Host Name: (Used this one as per Freephoneline, note use port#) Other domains might work just as well
Basic Settings:
NAT: NOT Checked
Username*: 15145551212
Password*: (Whatever)

Advanced Settings:
Codec Preference: PCMU & G.729 (Only codecs permitted)
Send PPI Header: Checked <<-- NOTE (This is the magic setting which made all the difference!!!) Uncheck it to see what happens.

PBX >> SIP Settings >> Misc
Register Timeout: 120 (As per Freephoneline FAQ)
Register Attempts: 0

PBX >> SIP Settings >> NAT
External Host: "DDNS Name:port# of UCM"
Use IP address in SDP: Checked

I added other settings which made no difference to add or remove the ability to make/receive outbound/inbound calls.

These settings populated or not add no value to above configuration.
Send PAI Header:
Outbound Proxy Support:
Enable Qualify:

Additional Notes:
Router Model: Asus RT-N16 (Firmware TomatoRAF)
No portforwarding on router
No sip ALG in router just in case
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Re: Grandstream UCM6102 PBX

Postby cdbr » 04/11/2023

Thank you for that information (though I realize it was from a while back. I'm struggling with a Grandstream UCM 6202 and am hoping someone can help me with the settings. I moved outside of Canada and it would be great if I could get this working for family to easily call.

Does anyone out there have UCM 62xx settings? What I have so far, are below.

Voip Screen Basic.png
Voip Screen Basic.png (165.99 KiB) Viewed 120 times

Voip Screen Advanced1.png
Voip Screen Advanced1.png (175.76 KiB) Viewed 120 times

Voip Screen Advanced2.png
Voip Screen Advanced2.png (116.46 KiB) Viewed 120 times
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