Grandstream HT5xx HT4xx HT7xx XML FILE Configuration

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Grandstream HT5xx HT4xx HT7xx XML FILE Configuration

Post by jenom »

I am NOT really a fan of Grandstream's ugly pumkin colored, crowded & disorganized GUI web configuration pages.
Here is a simple guide to use the XML file method to setup device for FPL.....only 9 parameters used, because most default settings are good. (unless you have a reason !)

1) Log into device at, enter password:admin

2) Go to Advanced Settings....Download Device XML Config file

3) Open downloaded "cfg.xml" file with Notepad ++ and delete ALL lines with Pxxxx numbers and save it as Empty-cfg.xml (get Notepad++ from " ")

4) Attached is the "" file....extract zip file, a "config-template" directory will be created...find inside your device model's config file

5) Open this config file with Notepad++ and look for only the those Pxxxxx parameters which you will need to modify to make device work with your account and FPL......I grabbed only 9 parameters !

6) Open Empty-cfg.xml and C/P these parameters with your account and FPL settings to a place where the deleted Pxxxx lines were......Save file as My_New_cfg.xml

7) RESET your device, goto Settings.....Upload configuration....Upload from Local Directory......Choose File My_New.cfg.xml ....Upload Configuration...Wait for reboot

Attached is my WORKING configuration xml file (rename it from .txt to .xml) file, if you want to use it, just add your device's macaddress, FPL sip username and FPL password.
Line 1 Enabled, Line 2 Disabled, Timezone is EST, dial plan allows Canada-USA local and long distance calls.
I believe, similarly, above process could be used for ALL the listed OTHER Grandstream devices .
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