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FPL with Astaro Security Gateway (ASG) ver. 8

PostPosted: 05/16/2011
by zoro
Hello all,

I wanted to share some information about Astaro SG and PAP2T. I've initially added some notes in PAP-2T section of this section, but last night I've experienced something new that I wanted to share with other. All is working fine, but as said, last night I tried calling some numbers that are not on FPL and I was having no tone.

After looking into Log file on Astaro Firewall, I saw it blocking ports 62K+.

After modifying LAN->WAN rule from 5060-65535 all back to normal.

I initially had ports opened from 5060-60000, but this obviously is not enough. So, I've opened up to the end to only and all is OK.

One thing that I don't understand is RTP port range. I do understand that call initialization goes on 5060 UDP and, if all OK, conversation is happening on through RTP port ranges.

This is where I'm confused, as I've read somewhere that ATA device advices VoIP server (in this case FPL) what ports it is using for conversation. When I look at the ports on ATA box I have RTP ports on Line 1 from 16342-164xx (can't remember exactly), but obviously port ranges needed for voice to go through are between 5060-65535.

As said, it is working for me in this case, but why do we have RTP ranges on ATA device (default), if I have to open additional ones for it to work?

Thanks all,