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Grandstream HT287 / Untangle

PostPosted: 05/08/2012
by nu_bee
Having problems... Try this:

In the Grandstream (ADVANCED SETTINGS 1):
SIP Server:
Outbound Proxy:

By the way: =

SIP User ID: your_phone_number
Authenticate ID: your_phone_number
Name: FreePhoneLine

Preferred Vocoder (put them in this order. works for me anyway): G729, G726-32, G723, PCMU, PCMA, iLBC, G729

local SIP port: 5666
local RTP port: 5777
Use random port: No
SIP Registration Failure Retry Wait Time: 5
NAT Traversal: Yes STUN server is:
keep-alive interval: 10

The rest to defaults...


And with Untangle (it's free !) On a 100$ used 3GHz dual core / 2 network card / 4Gb ram (more then enough !).

Advanced, general: No Enable SIP Helper

Port forward (use the same ports than in the device): 5666 and 5777 to your device IP. Do a reservation in your dhcp if needed... I do have a magicjack plus (that is not as reliable as the freephoneline) at the same time and I don't want port conflicts.

Bypass rules: "From device ip" and "To device ip". Check also Bypass VOIP taffic (SIP and IAX2)

QOS - You have to play with it... My inet access is 30Mb in / 2Mb out, so:

Default priority: Medium
Download: 25000kbps (I'm reserving for other stuff also)
Upload: 1500kbps

QoS custom rules: "From device ip" and "To device ip": Very high. I also put my NAS at low qos

Not a bad thing to reboot your untangle after the config... The current connections have to be killed to get the new qos setting...

Stop whining with your crappy "soho" home router that freeze when you torrenting and get Untangle ! ;p

Hope this can help someone

Re: Grandstream HT287 / Untangle

PostPosted: 05/24/2012
by nu_bee
Modif changed to for speed removed for booting speed

Always Skip the Firmware Check: desactivated for booting speed

Re: Grandstream HT287 / Untangle

PostPosted: 02/19/2014
by nu_bee
I got rid of my grandstreams, no so stable and slow !

Got new Obihai, a lot faster and works A1. Check my other post.