Grandstream HT-286

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Re: Grandstream HT-286

Postby ofty123 » 11/30/2012

Thank you very much. That did the trick :)

One last issue.. I can't seem to be able to forward my calls, even before I added my ATA device. When I enable the follow me feature, it goes directly to voice mail, weather I choose simultaneous or sequential. My number is ported, not sure if that's the issue, but my friend has another number with freephoneline that was not ported and the feature works perfectly... can you please help? is it from my end or not? any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Grandstream HT-286

Postby truufseir » 08/08/2013

FONGO_steve wrote:Configuration settings for the Grandstream HandyTone HT-286

I am not receiving any answer from my ata after it rings my phone the line is just blank when i pick up the ata is saying that it is registered and i am making outgoing calls no problem any idea what the problem is?
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SIP Device Name: grandstreem handytone 286
Firmware Version:
ISP Name: Distributel DSL
Computer OS: windows 7


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