Media5fone for iPhone

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Media5fone for iPhone

Postby infontek » 02/25/2013

First I suggest getting the Pro version for iPhone if you have a SIP key for or $6.99 CDN
Otherwise you can get the free versiona and buy only addons you prefer. The addon below is a seperate purchase for both the free and pro version. It is not interchangable.


Why? Because you have no Ads, most codecs, multiple SIP accounts(one active at a time though), 2nd call, call waiting, call toggle, call transfer, conference, and the Secure Comm. Pack are all included.

The other addon I might suggest is the G729 Codec. This uses lower bandwidth and is especially useful on a 3G connection. $8.99 CDN


Enter your Username (phone number including the 1 as in 15555555555), and SIP password.


Enter your SIP Server under Servers. (Sorry, no more photo's, I reached the maximum number of file attachments.) See ... redentials for example.

Under Accounts > Advanced > Codecs, set G.729 and G.711 uLaw as active codecs for WiFi, and G.729 as the active codec for 3G, in that order if you prefer to use lower bandwith (also lower voice quality), especially for the 3G connection.
Turn on the G.729 VAD (Voice Activation Detection) to save more bandwidth.
The rest of the codecs can be moved to the Inactive section.
These are the only two codecs and uses.
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Re: Media5fone for iPhone

Postby seagame2001 » 02/28/2013

I would suggest to go with Acrobit softphone
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