ANDROID integrated SIP works much better than CSipSimple

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ANDROID integrated SIP works much better than CSipSimple

Postby schoolboyeric » 04/20/2013

side note: I am using Nexus 4 with Android 4.2.2

i thought android sip did not work because i was getting nah nah instead of ring ring when calling but that is the normal ring i guess.
Used to use CSipSimple but the call quality was horrible. Plus the interface of this one is much nicer and integrated nicely with android.

1. go into dialpad
2. click the setting on bottom right corner of screen
3, scroll down to use internet calling for all calls when data network is available(unless you prefer to use minutes on your cell phone)?
4. click accounts and check mark receive incoming calls
5. click add accounts
6. Put in your username, password, as the server
7. Optional click set as primary account used for outbound calls
8. Optional click optional settings
9. Optional- click display name put your name there unless you don't want to, if you leave it puts your phone number as the display name
10. Click save

some below or bugs or requests for improvements
My notes: bug #1 if anyone from android reads this, there is no indication on the top that it is connected to internet calls like CSipsimple had.
bug #2: why is the ring noise a nah nah, instead of ring ring? is there a way to change that?
bug #3: primary account still indicates trying on sip accounts and it still works sometimes, why not say it is connected?
bug #4: is there a way to use fingerprint as a login method instead of face or as well as face?
bug #5: is there a way to say the phone number id when the number is being called then your ringtone?
bug #6: is there not a way to integrate facebook to contacts? aka take phone number from facebook for the contact and add to your contacts, take phone number from msn and add to your contacts> sort of like a contact autofeed.
bug #7: is there a way to record calls easily?
bug #8: it says it uses port 5060 does that mean only one connection to that port on the same network???
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Re: ANDROID integrated SIP works much better than CSipSimple

Postby schoolboyeric » 04/07/2014

Update April 2014:

I know with 4.2.2 I was having problems (constantly disconnecting and such went back to CSIPSIMPLE) i am now using android 4.4.2 with its embedded SIP settings and its working so far tried for about an hour. I have used CSipSimple and it never worked properly (always would disconnect randomly and go to answering machine directly when someone called me, said connected on CSipSimple). One Note: it is giving phone number @ ip address once configured correctly? actually it sounds better and works cleaner than CSipSimple and so far works better.
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