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Android | Create App Shortcuts for 'Phone' and 'Messages'

PostPosted: 02/17/2018
by Tcalp
Hi Guys,

I use Fongo Mobile as my primary voice and SMS messaging service. It would be really nice if you guys would create app drawer shortcuts in the android application direct to the Dialpad (labeled "Phone") and SMS feature (labeled as "Messages"). This would allow us to replace the "Phone" and "Messages" shortcuts typically on ones home dash in our phones with Fongo's, further with the ability to show missed called/ new message counts ontop of said icons (though a lower priority).

I beleive app intents would map as :

I tried creating these shortcuts manually using an application called "Activity Launcher", I expect there is a very short bit of logic missing from these intents to allow them to be treated as stand alone shortcuts, and a small callout somewhere to allow a "long press" on the "Fongo" icon in the application drawer to add these intents as pullable icons.

See attached screenshot

Re: Android | Create App Shortcuts for 'Phone' and 'Messages

PostPosted: 02/22/2018
by FONGO_jeff
We do provide widget shortcuts that you can add to your homescreen for these functions.

Re: Android | Create App Shortcuts for 'Phone' and 'Messages

PostPosted: 01/11/2023
by hoppihoppa
Impossible to add fongo widgets...
On my old honor 9, I could add but when I click, nothing works.
On my pixel 7, when I try to add a widget, it just doesn't appear when I release my finger...

Are the widgets still supposed to work ?