My suggestions after a month of use

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My suggestions after a month of use

Post by alexkillby »

Thanks for the amazing product. You can't beat the services Fongo offers on mobile when combined with a very inexpensive tablet data plan. I can't believe more Canadians aren't using this - the voice quality over LTE is even better than what I previously experienced on carrier voice, and SMS sends/receives faster than it ever did on carrier SMS.

Anyways, after using the app on Android 8 for about a month now, I have some suggestions to fine tune the app to make it even better than it already is:

1. The dialpad should force portrait mode always when the dialer screen is active. It doesn't configure nicely in landscape, and placing the handset to your head usually causes it to switch to landscape making the end-of-call process less smooth.

2. Not sure if it's technically possible, but it would be nice if it was possible to toggle whether or not Fongo uses WiFi or LTE/3G when both connections are available at the same time. This would make it easier to choose the correct network if you know that you'll be leaving WiFi coverage when you begin your call. It feels a bit cumbersome to have to disable my WiFi alltogether then remember to re-enable later in this situation. This would also help situations where you're using low quality wifi, but want to use it for asynchronous tasks, and rely on cellular coverage for calls at the same time.

3. When calls end it would be nice if there was some kind of audio indication in the speaker that the call is ended. If the call drops or the other party ends the call before you do, there isn't any indication until you take the receiver away from your head to check the call status.

4. Notifications triggered DURING a call should not vibrate the phone. The native dialer transforms these into subtle audio notifications in the speaker when a call is in progress instead of the overly disruptive vibration of the phone while in call.

5. Now, some small cosmetic things: End call button should be taller, and at the bottom of a text message conversation there should be a bigger amount of padding between the compose bar at the bottom and the most recent message received.

Thanks again for the great app and service. Happy to help however I can in ongoing improvements. Already opted into the Beta programme, and love the more-frequent updates.
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Re: My suggestions after a month of use

Post by Zigakly »

There's an app for Android called Rotation which can set individual apps to ignore the general rotation setting and follow the behaviour you prescribe. There's probably something similar for iOS.

I bet there's an app to switch to cellular data when wifi drops below a set level, haven't looked into that yet.
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