Mobile User Experience Suggestions

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Mobile User Experience Suggestions

Post by jpalmer42 »

We have been using Fongo on our phones and @home for well over a year now. We quite like it; but there are some User Experience things that will take this product to the next level.
  • Most important: A slider for answering or dismissing a call. The buttons are too easy to hang up by accident. I have considered leaving Fongo mobile because of this!
  • Feature worth its weigh in gold: Profiles based on GPS proximity and/or Wifi site connectivity would automatically forward calls to a specified number or do other things. Like read my texts when blue-toothed to the Auto
  • Different Sounds for messages from different contacts!
  • It could just be my car, but when making a hands-free call, it always wants to use the Phone and not Fongo!
I have a paid for 3 versions of the software for all my family members.
Like most other paid for software, regular updates to fix bugs and improve UI are expected.
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Re: Mobile User Experience Suggestions

Post by vincent604 »

You're right, a slider makes a lot of sense.

Profiles are a cool idea. It seems like a significant feature that they might have trouble implementing though.They already have per contact ringtones. I think the bluetooth default app depends on your OS defaults.
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