Fongo App: Support True MMS

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Fongo App: Support True MMS

Post by CalgaryBen »

I would love to see the Fongo App support true MMS send/receive, to/from real cell phones.

Right now messages sent with media from Fongo include a link to the embedded content, which I guess isn't too bad, but when senders attach media content (and text), the Fongo app, on the receiving end, is completely oblivious that anything was event sent! Just imagine the frustration: "Hey, did you see that picture I texted you?" "Huh, what picture? You didn't text me anything!"

A couple competing/similar Apps I tested do support true MMS to/from cell phones, so I'd love to see Fongo get to that level, and then it would be worthy to port my second cell phone number over to Fongo so I can use a single device...
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Re: Fongo App: Support True MMS

Post by bridonca »

From my understanding, Fongo can do MMS, it is just that it does not have the peering agreements with telcos to support MMS. I would guess it would cost too much.

A competing app has an arrangement with a US telco which allows them to do MMS with other carriers. I think Fibernetics would have to be a cellular MNVO before you would see that happening, which currently will not happen in the current regulatory environment.
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