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Bluetooth devices

Posted: 09/02/2020
by alexkillby
I think it may be necessary for the developers to take a look at the APIs they use to integrate Bluetooth audio devices into the app. I recently purchased Pixel buds Bluetooth headphones on a pixel phone and while all other apps that might use them correctly identify that they are connected and route audio through them, Fongo does not. It's as if they weren't connected. I hear the ringtone of an incoming call, but once the call is connected audio routes through the internal handset headphone/speaker, and there is no option to select my connected bluetooth headset. All other Bluetooth headsets I've used have worked no problem in Fongo, so there must the some new Audio Android API features that Pixelbuds implement but Fongo has not kept up to date with.

Re: Bluetooth devices

Posted: 01/08/2022
by nosaelg
Yes, I’m having trouble with this issue too. Would be good to have this issue addressed. Calls with my Beats Bluetooth headphones & microphone headset. Thanks!